Piano and Keyboard Tuition

At EduCAMPS we offer private piano lessons for children aged 4 years and over.  Adults are welcome too, whether you are an absolute beginnner or wishing to brush up on your skills.


We teach all musical aspects of piano playing including: wrist technique, pedalling, articulation, repertoire choices, aural skills and confidence in performance.  If  you are aspiring to become a music teacher, lessons can be tailored to teach the the essential piano skills needed for the classroom.


We use fun methods to ensure that all students gain a full understanding of the rudiments of music, thus enjoying reading and understanding music in class.  As well as developing their skills practically, pupils or an older age will also undertake a recommended study of Eric Taylor’s Music Theory syllabus which will ensure a deeper understanding of the theory of music.  Exams in piano may also be completed.


Each one to one piano lesson lasts 45 minutes.